there’s nothing worse than being hungry but not being able to figure out what you’re craving


I want to get away. Pause time for a little while and experience what life is somewhere else. It doesn’t mean that I hate where I am. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love the people around me. It just means that I want to experience the world.

Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys represent sadness. But as you go through life, remember that the black keys make music too.

Bang Yong Guk, B.A.P (via quotesareamazing)

Never Expect To Be The Only One.


In life, especially in college, don’t expect that guy or girl that you’re talking to, to just be texting you and only, you. Nowadays with the advancement of technology everyone can talk to anyone, completely under the radar. One should never expect that one person your texting or messaging to only…